If you have been following Sandra McLemore, Amy Porterfield, or any of the online marketing experts, you know that having a lead magnet (and then promoting it) is the #1 tactic for growing an email list.   And why do you want an email list? Because an email list full of exactly the type of […]

Not sure how to explain your new travel planning fee to your audience?

We know that starting out with planning fees can give you all the feels – fear, anxiety and overwhelm. Those feelings come from not having clarity and confidence on two things: You are suffering from imposter syndrome and are scared you’ll lose bookings if you charge a fee. Your confidence is shot and you need […]

Blogs and Articles are not the same and you need to know the difference

Today I want to mess with your head a little – sorry! I know that I have contributed to your understanding of the word blog but I recently learned the difference between a blog and an article and why as business owners and content creators, it actually does matter. So, it’s my mission to show […]

You Can’t Plan Incredible Vacations if You Have no Clients

In fact, you can’t run a profitable business if you have no clients. If you’re not sure what exactly you need to do, take the quiz and then continue reading below. What’s holding you back in your travel quiz and what should you do next? Take the quiz and receive an immediate diagnosis for your […]

Why We Left Convertkit…

When I first heard about FloDesk, I was in my feelings. I have been in a committed relationship with ConvertKit for a few years now. Their support has been amazing, their blog is awesome and it’s where I first started to grow my email list. I literally started there with zero subscribers. ConvertKit was there […]