What is a Landing Page and How To Use It?

Working in any industry where making a sale is involved can sometimes prove to be complicated. Making those conversions and turning them into sales can be tiresome. At times it may even feel like you’re repeating yourself over and over again and never really getting the point across or forgetting critical components of your business […]

Why We Broke Up With Convertkit and Moved To Flodesk

If you’re like me, you probably send out any least anywhere from several dozen to a few hundred emails each day at the office. This is where email service providers come into play. For the last several years, I had been using Convertkit. But as subscription prices continued to rise, the basic and lack of […]

How To Write a Strong Call-to-Action

As someone continually wanting to stay ahead of the game, I’m always striving to find new clients, add more subscribers to my weekly email blasts, and looking to grow my conversion rates. The benefits that any of these goals can have on your travel business will help take you to new heights in your marketing […]

Four Easy A/B Tests for High-Converting Landing Pages

Do you ever have that last-minute panic before you hit send on your emails? Is the subject line good enough? Will they open it? Perhaps you sit and agonize over which image will look best on your landing page or ad campaign. Or like me, do you fuss over the words on your call to […]

Best Practices for Creating Your First Landing Page

If you’re a regular reader of my travel marketing articles, you’re already familiar with landing pages. And if you take away only one thing from reading this article today, let it be how important a landing page can be for your travel business. Landing pages can contain vital information about the types of travel opportunities […]

4 Simple and Free Tips to Improve Your SEO

Marketing your travel agency and your efforts to drum up new travel clients can bet a daunting task. You’re probably used to the standard approaches of marketing, however beginning to steer your focus toward content that is SEO friendly can prove beneficial for all aspects of your agency. What Exactly is SEO? SEO stands for […]

Choosing The Right Font for Email Marketing

If you’re looking to attract the attention of new and would-be clients to your agency or travel business, your best bet is also the cost-effective option: email marketing. Email marketing is an easy way to attract interest leads into making a sale utilizing nurturing sequences made up of emails directed at your clients and their […]

Repurposing Your Travel Content Into a Podcast

As the ways that people research and book travel continue to evolve, so must our techniques as travel agents and advisors to provide our clients with the necessary tools and tricks to help answer all their travel questions before they even know they need to ask. But just because technology has pushed for a more […]

How to Create the Perfect Welcome Email

It’s often said both in life and in business that first impressions are everything. You only get one shot to make a good impression on your clients. And in the world of travel, unless you have a brick and mortar office, this is when digital impressions, such as the welcome email, can become more and […]