Fun Fact: The human attention span is shorter than a Goldfish’s. That’s right… Goldfish = 9 seconds and Human = 6-8 seconds. This means your website has a great deal of work to do in a short amount of time.

A few years ago Sandra traveled to Nashville to train with world-famous entrepreneur and wordsmith Donald Miller, the creator of Story Brand.

She invested in the VIP experience and was able to work 1:1 with Donald and his team to not only improve her own business but most importantly, to figure out a system that would work for travel advisors.

Inspired by the highly successful Story Brand framework, Sandra created her own framework for the travel industry. She utilized the skills she gained in Nashville and the 22+ years of industry expertise to create a path forward for travel advisors.

Sandra’s framework has revolutionized the way travel advisors are showing up online. The cookie-cutter websites given to advisors do not allow them to clarify a message that speaks to their niche. Those websites are controlled by someone other than the travel advisor which means that the travel advisor has their hands off the wheel of their own business.

In order to control the narrative of your marketing, you must have your hands on the wheel of your website at all times.

Your website should easily convert visitors into email subscribers and your email subscribers should be easily motivated and inspired by their experience.

The key to conversion is quality copywriting, breathtaking imagery, and intuitive navigation.

Imagery and copywriting is provided with every marketing package.  For a full list of package inclusions click here.

Regardless of which package you select there will of course be a few sections of your website that we will ask you to write yourself.


Because you are the ultimate expert.

You are the best person to write about…

Your planning process, what you include, and how your fees work Your team (if you have one) and your own short bio Your niche – whether it’s river cruising, Disney destinations, or safaris in Africa. A paragraph or two about the brilliance of your niche is best described by you and it truly is a fantastic opportunity to show off your expertise.

Depending on the package you select, your incredible writing team will pull together the rest:

  • Homepage (including your brand script)
  • Dreamworthy destinations
  • Inspiring itineraries
  • Your lead magnet
  • Social media ad copy to promote your lead magnet
All of this copy will then be laid out into our Story Brand-inspired travel website. We took the best parts of their layout and combined them with travel industry-winning marketing tactics that are proven to convert. Every piece of copy has a home on our layout and every choice that we made was intentional with the goal of conversion.

You will work with four talented individuals – consider them your pro-team!
  • A friendly and knowledgeable marketer on our team to help you choose the right package for the business that you are building.
  • A professional college-educated and experienced copywriter whose native language is English. All copywriters are located in North America and the majority have travel industry experience in sales and marketing.
  • A super talented web designer and graphics specialist to pull together your visual brand and layout the content on your website. They will also select imagery that works for your niche and ideal client.
  • An extremely organized project manager. We call them a Design Concierge. They will answer questions about your content creation and keep you updated on your progress. They’ll also give you a gentle nudge if and when you need to move along.

We will have you complete the process by:

  • Briefing Form – Lets us get to know more about you, the demographic/audience you  want to target, and your overall business goals.
  • Consultation – You and one of our professional copywriters will speak in a 40 minute Content Strategy Session.  The details of your Briefing Form will be discussed to ensure we fully understand how best to write for you.
  • Feedback – You will  receive two rounds of feedback.  We will provide specific instructions for you to give us changes and/or updates to the content we deliver.
  • Upload – We will upload your content during the design phase of the web design process and include related images.