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Monday November 2, 2020.
You will receive two modules every Monday over the course of 9 weeks.
Your Live weekly coaching calls with Sandra will be about the topics released from the previous group. You will find the replays from these sessions in the Facebook group however you will only be able to ask Sandra questions during the Live.
The Live coaching calls are listed on our Events page. You must have already joined the Pop-Up Facebook Group to gain access.
Simply log into your dashboard on that date and your first two modules will be there ready for you. 
Make a point to watch the videos and meet with your accountability pod before the following Monday. This will help you maintain Momentum and also take advantage of the Live coaching calls with Sandra.

There are many ways to gain support:

  1. Head over to the pop-up Facebook group where you will find like-minded travel business owners and travel advisors. Many of our “revolution family” have created deep connections in the group and now have what will most likely be life long friendships. In this group you can ask questions and for advice. It is an active, kind and very support group of individuals. 
  2. Join an Accountability Pod. They meet weekly by video chat to provide support to each other and keep everyone accountable. In fact, if you have the time, join 2 Accountability Pods and show up to two meetings per week. Double the support, double the momentum!
  3. Show up to the two Live coaching sessions during the scheduled 9 weeks. You can ask Sandra questions directly.
  4. If you purchased the Guided Package, you have 1:1 time with Sandra that you can use during the 9 weeks (plus an additional 3 weeks after that).
We do not provide individual business support or coaching.

You can join the pop-up Facebook group by clicking on the link below and entering password marketingfunnel5.0.

Be sure to introduce yourself when you get there. There will be a welcome post you can do that in!


If you have a business partner (co-owner of your business) you are welcome to add both owners.

IC’s and staff are not permitted in the group and must purchase their own access.

Group savings are available for Groups of 5 and 10 or more.

Head over the Accountability Pod sign up page.

This is a Live document.

  1. Add your name to a pod that has space.
  2. Do not change the pod number or meeting time.
  3. Do not remove anyone from a pod.
  4. Once a pod is full, start a new one.
  5. The first person listed in the pod is responsible for reaching out to all pod members to arrange the first meeting, acting as the pod host.
  6. We suggest emailing the first person in your pod just in case they don’t see you join or you join after they reach out to everyone else.
  7. We suggest sharing pod host duties each month.
  8. If you do not see a meeting time that suits you, scroll down to Pod #28 and higher. These pods set their own times.
  9. If we need to create a new pod, please reach out to us hello@cottammclemore.com.
  10. If you change pods, or leave a pod, please let your pod host know.

A Pod Prize is a new prize draw that starts in Travel Marketing Revolution 5.0 but is open for all pods to play along.

During your first pod meeting (must be held by Friday November 6) take a screen shot of all of your pod members and post it in the Pop-Up Facebook group together with your pod number and the names of each person.

On November 12, Sandra will draw 3 pods who completed the task from a hat. 

These pods will win a private pod coaching call with Sandra. The call can be scheduled at any time during the 9 weeks of the course or 3 weeks following the course.

Great question. There is actually….

Sandra has recorded a very helpful welcome and orientation video which will appear in your dashboard right after you sign up for Travel Marketing Revolution.

Watch that and take a minute to really let that sink in. It’s a combination of feedback and best practices from previous and current students.

Of course don’t forget to join 1-2 Accountability Pods. Scroll up for instructions.

Simply come over to our website www.travelmarketingandmedia.com and scroll down to the footer where you will see the LOG IN button.

You can save that URL as a favorite or bookmark it but if you ever forget where to go, just remember that it’s always in the footer of our website.

Momentum requires movement.