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  • 15 Social media posts including captions and hashtags
    • Add a sentence to incorporate your niche or call to action
    • Post it to any social media platforms using a free scheduler like
          • 15 stunning destination images provided courtesy of tourism boards & stock image sites are included at no cost and perfectly match your captions.
            • Add them to your website
            • Use them in your newsletters
            • Create marketing materials with them
            • Post them to social media with the matching captions that we write for you (includes hashtags)


          Here’s our guide on how to use the bundle

          Download the whole bundle into your storage account or device. – takes 2-3 minutes
          Upload all of the social media images into the Media Manager in (or a similar scheduler).
          Drag the posts onto the calendar and then copy and paste the captions and hashtags we have written for you. – Take approximately 20 minutes
          Add some of the stunning images to your newsletter, website, and blog. – 1 hour