Each month you will Pack your suitcase with two bundles. Each bundle will provide you with:
For step by step instructions visit

15 Social media posts including captions and hashtags

Add a sentence to incorporate your niche or call to action
Post it to any social media platforms using a free scheduler like

1 editable PDF destination guide for destination centric bundles that include:

▫️ Historic overview
▫️ Money – currency, credit/debit cards, important information for travelers
▫️ Climate
▫️ Technology & Communication
▫️ Infrastructure & Transport
▫️ Language
▫️ LGBT travel
▫️ Religion
▫️ Getting there and driving around
▫️ Bucket list experiences
▫️ Family travel highlights
▫️ Tourism authority information
▫️ Food and drink to try while there
▫️ Souvenirs to buy while there
▫️ Photography hot spots

15 stunning destination images

▫️ Add them to your website
▫️ Use them in your newsletters
▫️ Create marketing materials with them
▫️ Post them to social media with the matching captions that we write for you (includes hashtags)

1 thoughtfully written blog article (2 blog articles for Niche bundles)

▫️ Add an introduction (1-2 sentences) and a call to action at the end to personalize the blog
▫️ Add some of the images from the gallery to it
▫️ Email your blog out to your followers and promote it on social media
▫️ 1 video (one minute in length and perfect for social media)

Here’s our guide on how to use the bundle

Download the whole bundle into your storage account or device. – takes 2-3 minutes
Upload all of the social media images into the Media Manager in (or a similar scheduler).
Drag the posts onto the calendar and then copy and paste the captions and hashtags we have written for you. – Take approximately 20 minutes
Follow the blog instructions to customize the intro and call to action on the blog.
Post the blog to your website. – 10 minutes
Share your blog on social media and in your newsletter. – 100 minutes
Add some of the stunning images to your newsletter, website, and blog. – 1 hour
Post the video to your social media, blogs, or website
Review the mini agent knowledge guide customize with your own branding if you intend to share it – 10 minutes (only in destination bundles, will be replaced by an extra article in Niche bundles).

Billed once per month until cancelled