2 year content marketing plan

Never struggle again with what to post, film, say,
write, record or film ever again

2 YEAR Content marketing plan for your travel business

Do you ever struggle with trying to figure out what to post on social media, what to say on your videos or podcasts, and maybe what to write in your next blog article? 

Or maybe someone told you that you should do a Facebook live video for your travel business and you couldn’t imagine knowing what to talk about.

Or perhaps you want to email your subscribers more consistently because you know that you need to stay top of mind and top of speed dial.

But every time you sit down to create content, your mind goes blank.

And you think to yourself… “how is it possible that I’m a travel planning expert, but I have no idea what to write about?”

You’re not alone!


It's easy, free, and fast

When we surveyed our community back in 2019, a whopping 97% of travel advisors told us they felt the same.

We knew we had to help them. 

So we came up with the TMM Methodology for a 2 year content marketing plan.

It’s easy, free, and fast.

Here’s what you’ll need

An hour or two of time scheduled for yourself

  • The workbook (we have that ready for you)
  • Sandra (she made you a 15-minute video walking you through the process step by step with examples)

If you are absolutely DONE with wasting time, putting out random content, or not being consistent (because you’re not organized or sure where to start), remember today… today is the day it all changes for you.

Drop your info below and we’ll send it straight over to you. You could get started right away if you wanted to!

This methodology has worked for thousands of travel advisors since we launched it in 2019. 

Now it’s your turn.




Drop your info below and then check your inbox.



Her 15-minute video with examples will get you started.



You’ll be extremely surprised at how easy it is once.