Implementation Checklist

Planning Fees Implementation Checklist


  • Make the decision to get started Making the decision to charge planning fees will feel right. You will feel (although somewhat nervous) excited. As you move through the process of setting up this new part of your business, it’s important to remember why you are doing it. Why have you decided to charge planning fees in your business?


  • Set your date This is the date that you will begin charging fees. Any inquiries received on this day and after will pay the planning fee.


  • Name and inclusion List out the fees you will charge. Name them however you see fit. Planning fee Rebooking fee Any other fees


  • Describe your services Under each fee describe a detailed list of the services you will provide. Usually, bullet points are the easiest to read.


  • Set prices How much will you charge for those fees? List your fees. We suggest no less than $147 per household. Most advisors start between $197 and $297.


  • Communicate your fees Add the new planning fees to your website. There is no need to send an email or make a post.


  • Create a 2-3 sentence script This is a script to practice explaining why you charge a planning fee. Practice saying it over and over. It won’t feel natural until you have said it dozens of times. It won’t feel comfortable until the first client pays it.