We love what we do and are thrilled
to teach others our secrets to success.

Our online signature course, Travel Marketing Revolution, is pretty amazing. Actually, it’s insanely amazing. It is also 5-star rated by over 1000 travel advisors.

More importantly… there is proof. A lot of proof. Proof that it actually works.

It is packed to the brim with strategy, support, content, and every possible thing that you’ll need to attract a consistent stream of new clients. The course is delivered through 15 modules and for the first season ever, a live 3 day interactive series of sessions led by travel marketing expert Sandra McLemore.

Travel Marketing & Media is the ONLY marketing agency endorsed and recommended by the
American Society for Travel Advisors and many consortia and host agencies.

BUT… don’t take our word on it. Check out what our current “Revolution Family Members” have to say about why they took the course, how they knew it was the right fit for them and the amazing transformations that they have seen in their businesses.

Before I found Travel Marketing Media and started attending almost all of the events, I wanted to give up on my travel business but knew that I couldn’t. This is what I enjoy doing. Plus, I left many times before and came right back!

I got the travel bug over twenty-five years ago as an airline ticket agent for a fortune 500 company. My travel career grew from that first job to working as a ticket agent at the airport, reservations agent, corporate travel agent, international flight attendant to operating my own home-based travel business.

I knew inside that I couldn’t give up, and the longer I procrastinated, the more that I would regret it. Covid-19 was hard on the travel and tourism industry; it was also an excuse for me to be failing… but yet!

I am grateful and happy for the clarity that Sandra brings to the business. I have learned how important marketing is to a successful and lucrative business. I feel confident that this will benefit me in ways beyond my expectations.

Taylor Murray

Travel Advisor

Do it. You will get all that stuff done and completed. Yes. There is work to do. But you have to be willing to do the work. Since starting, I’ve narrowed my ICA. Created a lead magnet. Started and have maintained evergreen email marketing campaigns. I’m consistent with my social media posts. I have gotten my website done. And I have learned about what to say and how to present things. I’ve learned how to create simple graphics and make things pretty but also simple and clear.

Rosie Dietrich

Travel Advisor

I met Sandra at a CCRA convention, attended both of her classes. Her training confirmed that I needed her guidance to help me build my Travel Business. If you’ve attended the recent Power Sessions, you have been given FREE information and guidance; also, you experience what part of the Travel Marketing and Media being is and the value Sandra has to offer. Being in Travel Marketing Revolution has greatly helped me put my business on the path to success. Sandra is such a giving person and the best decision I’ve made in my business. I hope you will join us!!

Brenda Otto

Travel Advisor

You will not be disappointed. I was fortunate to find Sandra almost immediately upon joining the industry. I am in Travel Marketing Revolution 1.0. Yes, you have to do the homework and actually implement all you learn, but it is worth it. I honestly believe I wouldn’t have prospects connecting me now had I not learned how to market myself the way Sandra taught. And having an accountability team (or pod as they are now known) has been priceless, being able to bounce ideas off of a group of advisors with no judgment. Everyone is incredibly supportive.

Erin Smith

Travel Advisor

Tillie James Travel provides travel services to luxury clients. We have a strong background in event planning and decided three years ago to use our skillset in the world of travel. When we started our agency, we looked for a web designer who understood our business and knew what we needed for a travel agency website. At the time, Travel Marketing & Media (formerly Village Girl Marketing) was one of the companies that understood what was necessary. We felt that they were the only ones that fit our requirements. Their team walked us through the process because we had no idea where to start. Recently we hired Travel Marketing & Media to update our website to help us turn our SEO around and drive traffic to our website to see positive results.

The marketing training program taught by Travel Marketing & Media has consistently provided top-notch training. Courses include understanding your marketing funnel, creating and monitoring social media ads, managing your numbers, creating a business and marketing plan, and so much more. We are more marketing focus now on how to market our business and get new clients. You will learn something new in every module!

If you are looking for a high-quality website and a travel-industry marketing training program, Travel Marketing Media is who we would recommend and have recommended to others. Attending Travel Marketing & Media’s marketing training program was the best business decision we ever made. Sandra and her team are talented, creative, professional, and so much more. We cannot give a higher recommendation or a more glowing review.

Thank you, Travel Marketing & Media, for your fantastic work!

Tillie and Joe James

Travel Agency Owners

Before coming across Sandra’s course, I knew nothing about marketing and did many things Sandra advised us not to do. Being new in the industry, I was completely overwhelmed on where to start or how best to promote my business without coming off salesy.

Travel Marketing Revolution showed me exactly what steps I needed to take (& ones I needed to eliminate) to effectively market myself as an experienced travel agent and attract the right type of clients for my business. I’ve become so much more organized using the tools and processes Sandra has taught, which ultimately helped in alleviating the stress and overwhelm I was initially feeling.

My favorite lesson in this course was learning who my ideal client is and what niches I wanted to specialize in. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders once I worked through these steps and realized how valuable this technique was, and it made reaching my goals feel much more attainable. As long as anyone is willing to take action in this program, you can go above and beyond what you ever would have dreamed of doing. Sandra is very generous with her time and sharing her knowledge, always making sure your questions are answered and understood. This is by far the best program out there led by someone who’s had years of experience in the travel industry.

Diana Andujar

Travel Advisor

I signed up because I knew where I wanted my business to go and knew I couldn’t get there on my own.

I validated my decision because if I didn’t step out and try taking someone’s help, I would be in the same spot 2 years from now that I was in. It helped me through because I had been following Sandra last year when I signed up, already for at least 2-3 years. I’d seen how much she genuinely cared and freely gave of herself!

Without a doubt, I would have had my best year ever if not for Covid and, if I’d not been in this group, I would have folded this year.

I did training about 6 months before signing up for Revolution. I paid more than 5X what I did for revolution and gained about 25% of what I learned in revolution. This program changes everything!!!

Schedule yourself the time to do it. Don’t feel you have failed if you get behind. Grant yourself a little leniency. Be kind to yourself. You WILL step out of your comfort zone.

Lastly…know that the program is going to be there for you to refer back to. I’ve actually went back through it twice, and the second time I picked up on things I didn’t catch the first time. By far, Sandra and her team are hands down the best people to learn from!

Teresa Baker

Travel Advisor

Travel Marketing Revolution is worth the investment in your business. I joined Travel Marketing Revolution 3.0 and am so happy I did. The clarity I have gotten from Sandra’s instruction is so valuable. And as Sandra continues to improve the course, I can continue to learn. You won’t be disappointed as long as you put the work in.

Deb Howe

Travel Advisor

I signed up because I want a consistent stream of new clients. I now have an email list, I provide consistent new content, and I’m getting clients. It was well worth the investment.

Lekesha L. Hill

Travel Advisor

A friend shared Travel Marketing Revolution with me. I watched Sandra doing a Power session and I was SOLD!~ Sandra is so authentic, honest, and shares incredible information. I have learned so much from the revolution. She has been a Travel Agent herself so she knows what it takes to be successful! If you are ready to take the next step to grow your business sign up, you will be so Thankful you did!! Thank you Sandra!

Debbie Palmer

Travel Advisor

I was at the CCRA conference in DC at the beginning of the year, and had lunch with a couple of agents who did Travel Marketing Revolution. They raved about it the entire meal. So I then went to Sandra’s sessions afterwards and thought “I need in on this” and didn’t hesitate to register when 3.0 opened up. I validated it by telling myself that I couldn’t afford not to register and that good booking would help me recoup the costs. It was the best thing I could have possibly done for my business. It has really helped me solidify my brand and yes, I attributed my recent uptick in business to everything I have learned and implemented from the Travel Marketing Revolution.

Make sure you set aside time every week to focus on it and implement what you have learned. It is a lot of work, so you need to dedicate yourself. Take your time – not everything has to be done at once. The beauty of Travel Marketing Revolution is that it is there for life, so you can go back to it as you need to.

I have yet to see anyone go as in depth as Sandra with her teaching. The fact that this is geared towards travel agents by someone who has worked for decades in the industry is priceless.

Do it, do it, do it! I had no idea how little I knew about marketing for my business until I did Travel Marketing Revolution. I let too many people get in my head and wrongly influence how I marketed myself. Since starting the program, I have started sending out weekly content without fail. I’ve learned how to use social media in my business and do it consistently and well. I’ve learned how to target my messaging. And since I have been doing this, I’ve been invited to networking groups, clients I haven’t heard from in awhile have book trips for next year, and I was nominated for Best Tour and Travel Service in our area’s best of the best contest (so far I’ve made it into the top 5 after the first round). A local magazine is considering doing an article on my business and how it was affected by COVID. All of this because Travel Marketing Revolution has taught me how to increase my presence. I’ve done other marketing courses and webinars as well, and nothing measures up to Travel Marketing Revolution. It’s a lot of work, and you have to commit to setting aside time each week to focus but it’s worth it.

Ilisa Frank Oman

Travel Advisor

I started Travel Marketing Revolution at the end of April/beginning of May. I love everything about the program and have learned so much, even though I have many years of experience in the travel industry. Once the Pandemic hit, I knew I would need to find new clients, as most of my clients are older and won’t travel internationally until there is a vaccine. I am so glad that I joined ASTA and found Sandra and her team.I’m getting all of the pieces of the blueprint refined and put into place.I  don’t doubt that I’ll be adding the right clients (my ICA) to my business.Commit to Travel Marketing Revolution; youwon’t be sorry that you invested. Once travel starts again full steam, you will receive your investment back, plus so much more!

Katie DeFilipps

Travel Advisor

I hesitated at the cost but figured with all the time COVID gave me; it was the perfect way to be productive and grow my business because I knew it would come back if I learned better tools. I’m soooo glad I took the plunge! Sandra herself makes you want to get things accomplished. I love that not only are there video lessons but so much follow up through the private FB page and all the extra videos and live presentations to answer questions and clarify the lessons. No other course I’ve ever signed up for did that! Plus, they all make sense to me, which makes me more motivated to act on putting them in place. The accountability group I ended up with turned out to be amazing – I’ve got 3 TA’s that are now my friends as well as people I can run things by. We’ve agreed we’ll stay in touch long after we’re through the lessons. We’ve agreed we’ll stay in touch long after we’re through the lessons.

Amy Shepard

Travel Advisor

I have tried other programs, and Travel Marketing Revolution is heads and shoulders above the rest. Like anything, though, you will get what you put in. I have learned a ton, and I think the best thing about this program is Sandra herself. She is just so engaging, interesting, and real. And she breaks things down into small pieces for you, so they are easier to digest. But she won’t do it for you. Be ready to work!

As far as the investment, I truly believe that there is no bad time to invest in your business. To me, I had just changed agencies, and then Covid happened. I really needed to take that time to maximize my market efforts. I had followed Sandra for a while and saw her speak at different conferences and just loved her style. So signing up for Travel Marketing Revolution was a no brainer.

Tara Woodbury

Travel Advisor

It’s worth it!!  This has been such a game changer in my business. If you actually complete each module and execute each lesson, your business can’t help but flourish.

Jackie Williams

Travel Advisor

I love Travel Marketing Revolution. I joined in the spring. If you have a chance to catch some of Sandra’s live sessions, be sure to join. You’ll get a great feeling for her personality. I never had a steady stream of new potential clients, but now I do. Creating the lead magnet wasn’t difficult. I had never thought to do Facebook advertising, but that has made a ton of difference. I get 5-10 new subscribers daily lately at a budget of $5/day. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn all of the time. Once you’re in, you continue to get new modules updates. Plus, it’s a great community of other travel professionals.

What I also love is that Sandra has the travel industry experience. I’ve worked one on one with two different consultants who were both expensive. Neither knew the travel industry. They tried to get my business to step five while I needed help getting to step 1. Sandra got me to step 1 and beyond. If you aren’t a marketing expert, this is for you! I hope this helps! Feel free to ask me any more specific questions.

Marisa Sky

Travel Advisor

Travel Marketing Revolution is worth the investment if you are committed to follow through.  Lots of hands on teaching and information, but you have to be disciplined and be able to follow through.  So far she is the only one that I have seen that has full personal group support for what she is teaching based on her personal experiences, and having a travel background both on the retail and supplier side.

Roobina Sarkasian

Travel Agency Owner