An extraordinary gathering of travel advisors across the continent.


FRIDAY MAY 26 2023 - 9:30 AM PDT


Welcome to the Travel Marketing Townhall

An extraordinary gathering of travel advisors across the continent.

This exclusive event allows you to connect with our incredible community and gain invaluable insights for growing your business.
Have burning questions about starting or scaling your travel business? Look no further! Submit your questions to our portal anytime, 365 days a year. When the next Travel Marketing Townhall rolls around, Sandra McLemore, widely recognized as the leading expert in the travel marketing space, will personally address your questions in the order they were received.
This is your golden opportunity to tap into Sandra’s unparalleled expertise and receive tailored advice for your business. From strategic marketing tactics to innovative growth strategies, no topic is off-limits. The Travel Marketing Townhall empowers you to elevate your marketing game and unlock new levels of success.

Can't make it to the live event? Don't worry! We've got you covered.

Enjoy free access to the replays, ensuring you never miss a moment of Sandra’s invaluable insights. Absorb the knowledge at your own pace and revisit the sessions whenever you need a refresher.
Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Join the Travel Marketing Townhall and accelerate your journey to travel business success. Get ready to revolutionize your marketing strategies and watch your business thrive. Enroll today and unlock a world of possibilities.

Travel Marketing Townhall


Travel Marketing Town Hall is our new membership club for start-up travel businesses or those stuck on the struggle bus and wanting to get off. It’s also perfect for a successful business who wants to scale and be bigger than they are now. If you’re not as profitable as you’d like to be you are in the right place.

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